The Very Unique Wedding Party

Michalina and Norbert are the first couple I have had the opportunity to photograph at not one, but two weddings! At first glance, it may sound like a soap opera story, but it's actually a beautiful story written by the best of romantic comedy writers - life and coincidence. :)


The last, difficult months have already accustomed us to many surprises that life can bring. However, I am not entirely sure that we can all turn these surprises so masterfully to our advantage and greet them with such a broad smile. Michalina and Norbert as many couples had their wedding and the wedding reception planned for the same day - it turned out that celebrating with guests would not be possible due to the pandemic. It did not worry them too much - they decided not to delay the long-awaited wedding, and just to postpone the reception for a few months. But since a wedding is so hard to picture without a ceremony in the church - no problem! They renewed their fresh marriage vows in front of the altar again, this time continuing the fun at the party until the dawn :) In the meantime, Michalina had a strong desire to put on her wedding dress again, so they decided to have an outdoor session even before the second wedding.


Michalina and Norbert are contagiously energetic and joyful couple. I don't think I will say too much if I tell you that they decided to organize their wedding party without a drop of alcohol. Many of you have made a face or a frown or a look of disbelief. Just because we are so used to certain wedding "traditions", a non-alcoholic wedding seems doomed to failure and a stiff evening. It could not be more wrong!


They took care of every detail, they have planned attractions and breathed their happiness so effectively at every step that the guests did not want to leave the dancefloor. If it were not for the repeated calls to the tables, all dishes would be served cold :P They wanted their wedding party to be opened by the polonaise. Do you think this is a stiff, formal dance? Again, no - it is a joyful, traditional dance, full of elegance and lightness, which is a great way to break the ice and relax guests. Works even better than a glass of champagne.

I honestly admit that I had the opportunity to be a wedding photographer at a non-alcoholic wedding for the first time and I had a very stereotypical approach. I am so grateful that I had the chance to see it with my own eyes. One of the best weddings I have been to - full of pure joy :)

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