Make It Before The Lockdown

The last year was not the easies nor the most pleasant one for any of us, in the time of the pandemic we all must have faced difficult challenges and the whole situation did not help us feel positive and optimistic. I have had the opportunity to talk to many brides who have struggled with this difficult situation in the context of their upcoming weddings. We tried to find optimal solutions together and adjust the deadlines. It did work out. We managed not to lose hope and distance, not to break down or give up, we managed to keep on track and to act anyway. I am impressedwith how the couples have dealt with this particularly stressful circumstances. And they still do.


Luiza and Piotrek are the perfect example. They postponed their wedding and reception twice , still hoping that they would be able to celebrate it together with all the invited guests. We were in constant contact and we were surprised by the new restrictions almost every day. Eventually, they gritted their teeth, made peace with the limited number of people, and decided to take the risk - they didn't want to wait any longer. It's good that the wedding took place on Friday, because at midnight, new restrictions came into force and the wedding hall had to close from Saturday.

Luiza and Piotrek did not lose their good mood throughout the preparations, wedding and reception.The fun was so good that the number of guests didn't matter to anyone. And perhaps this was not how they planned it and they certainly missed many friendly faces, but it did not stop them from fully experiencing this special day. Love can always be celebrated, and maybe a more modest wedding will be an excuse for a few more meetings of friends and family to raise a toast to the newlyweds.


I think that especially in such a situation, wedding photography takes on additional meaning. These wedding pictures are the reportage, a document of all those moments in which not everyone could participate in person. The wedding shots will be the background of many stories, they will be an opportunity to experience this day together with a young couple for those who couldn't have joined them..

The limited number of guests that could have participated in the celebration has made a great effort to support the brides, surprise them and have a good fun. After leaving the church, a rather unusual greeting awaited them - a solemn row of the groom's colleagues - firefighters. The gentlemen had no mercy for the makeup and hairstyle of the bride and caught them with water from a fireman's hose just before entering the wedding hall. And I must admit that it is not so often that so much happens on the group photos for guests - the creativity of the bride and groom and wedding guests was admirable.

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