Sesja narzeczeńska-czy warto?


You have never considered that? You feel like it's not your style? You believe it's a waste of time?

Don't worry - most couples initially think so.

And yet, the engagement photoshoot is becoming more and more popular and noone really regrets this unique souvenir. Why? Because it is, above all, great fun ;) 😉

Have you just burst out laughing? You are skeptical? Still, all true! You quickly forget about your fears, doubts and stress. Between the jokes, the swinging topics of conversation, step by step, when the photos are going by themselves, efortless - it's really easy to chill out and just fix your eyes at your future husband/wife.


Do you sometimes go through the photos from your trips, dates and parties and you regret that there are not enough of them or you miss photos that are not selfies? Do you dream of a beautiful portrait of both of you?

This is a chance to take pictures of you tailored to you, your characters and expectations. It is you who choose the outfits in which you feel comfortable and want to be photographed in, you decide about the atmosphere and place of the photos. We can meet in the heart of the city or in the middle of meadow, you can also take me to your unique places - first date, first kiss, marriage proposal, a beloved place for a walk or a picnic. This is an opportunity to focus only on you and your love - without stress or excessive preparation. You don't like too much elegance and formal character. You are more jokers than romantics. I will capture it in pictures.


And the great advantage of the engagement session? We can get to know each other and talk!

I think, it is really important. I've noticed that couples with whom we had previously done such a session felt much more confident in front of the camera on their Wedding Day. Obecność znajomego fotografa w trakcie przygotowań do uroczystości jest zdecydowanie mniej krępująca, niż wpuszczanie do swojej intymności zupełnie obcej osoby. . Especially brides are calmer during the wedding if they are being photographed by someone they trust. They are more relaxed, they do not try to pose and pretend, they get into a great atmosphere, they focus on themselves and their special day, and you can see the effects in the photos!
On the day of the ceremony, there is often no time to talk longer - the engagement session is a great opportunity to talk calmly about your expectations and dreams.


Most of us feel uncomfortable posing for photos. It is totally normal. We rarely have the opportunity to stand in front of a professional photographer's lens and so we believe it is a scary and stressful experience. We then may think about all the situations when we took photos for ID or passport. Usually, embarrassing and very unsatisfying.

During such an engagement session, we have a unique opportunity to disenchant the camera for you. You are stressed? Even better, we cover it up with laughter. I want you to see that photos can be great fun and a nice way to spend time together. There's nothing to be afraid of.


In contrary to what we may believe, during the preparations for the wedding, there are no many moments of silence and focus on each other. Many couples get a chance to look at each other from a new perspectivefind their attractiveness again, fall in love with each other again. It is also a good opportunity to make a commemorative portrait that we will frame and prepare as a pamiątkowy portret, który oprawimy i przygotujemy jako prezent dla rodziców i dziadkówCertainly, your photo from such a session, hung in their homes right after the wedding, will be a better and more durable souvenir than, for example, gift baskets. You can also use photos from the engagement session on invitations, gifts for wedding guests, decorations for the wedding hall or stickers for the guest book.


he engagement photoshoot does not require great preparation and does not take too much time. It's just one afternoon spent in a relaxed atmosphere, thanks to which we can get to know each other and dispel many of your fears related to our cooperation on your Wedding Day. This way you don't have to trust me blindly, you can actually check that we get along :)