Wedding Photography During the Pandemic


We can all agree on one thing - the weird times have come that nobody could have expected. The global lockdown has been going on for over a year now. The pandemic and the restrictions aimed to stop the spread of the virus, imposed by the governments have strongly impacted economies of many countries all over the world, many various industries and many home budgets. People have been forced to close their businesses, refrain from trips and get-togethers, many have lost their jobs, have stayed in the isolation even during the holidays.

When it comes to the weddings, the overall situation is notreally optimistic neither for the service providers, nor much less for the couples that are planning their dream weddings. It is hard to say how and when the situation will change, however we do not give up and break down..



The most important thing at this point is to stay flexible and ready to implement the alternative plans and ideas.We all must remember that what really matters in the wedding is you and your love, all the rest can really be perfect in many different scenarios. You can have you dream wedding, that will apprently look quite different from what you have intially imagined. It's important to keep an open mind and don't get offended at all the difficulties that come up.

During the last season, most of the weddings got completely postponed. Thanks to the flexible approach of the both parts, we were abel to harmonize with the couples so that we are waiting together for the possibility to organize the dream celebration.

It is becoming more and more common to spit the wedding itself from the reception into two different days (not necessarily weekends). The wedding often takes place at a pre-planned date, in the presence of a smaller number of guests. However, couples usually prefer to wait to celebrate the event with more family, friends and loved ones. The biggest problem is still the lockdown of the catering business and the lack of the actual venue for the wedding to take place.



Intimate weddings definitely have gained popularity lately; they're being thrown in the form of the small dinners for the closest group of friends and family. I wonder if it is the trend that is just a natural response to the restrictions and inconveniences in the organising the dream parties OR maybe it is becoming somewhat conscious choice that in the end many couples lands satisfied with. Is this tendency is probable to stay popular even in the pandemic-free world? Well, we'll find out about that, but it is certainly not the worst possible choice. Such intimate celebrations are of course totally different than the huge, gaudy wedding parties, but at the same time they bring some pros: encourage the conversations, and guests can still have a great fun on the dance floor.



There is another trend that is becoming more and more popular choice of couples waiting for their dream wedding: so-called elopement wedding, or destination wedding. If you follow the wedding trend and ideas on the social medias, you have certainly noticed the stories and pics from the "get-away" weddings, or literally "escape" weddings.

So how does it work?

You organize a trip, invite bridemaid and the bestman, possibly parents. Then you just choose a special place - preferably beautiful, secluded place - and you say "I do" in complete privacy, in extraordinary nature circumstances. At a time when the pandemic causes reducing the number of invitees to the minimum, such a solution seems to be less extreme and easier to implement. Often the money saved on a huge party can be used to pay for the adventure journey of a lifetime. Elopement wedding connected to the honeymoon journey - why not? Everyone, of course, has the right to make their own decision, but if you love nature and dream about a unique wedding in which the most important thing is to celebrate each other, elopement wedding does not really seem like a bad solution. And it does not have to be a trip abroad, of course. You would be surprised how many beautiful, wild places are still hidden somewhere in Poland. 

As a photographer, I have to add: photos are the most important part here! It is precisely because you limit the number of guests, decide on away weddings, or postpone weddings - professional wedding photos are more important than ever. They will be an irreplacable memory for many people who could not be with you. Do not give up on wedding sessions. Since you cannot have the wedding you've dreamed of, give yourself photos that you've never even dreamed of ;)


PLAN A B C or maybe D?

I think you have to face the situation and think about alternatives, always having a plan "b" or even "c" and "d" in your sleeve :) Although it is not an easy call and I have recently talked to many disappointed brides whose plans have fallen into ruin, perhaps postponing the wedding for another year is no longer the best solution.
None of us could have ever imagined or expected this situation to last so long and despite many forecasts and hypotheses, we cannot predict how long it will last. Therefore, let's not limit yourself to the only scenario you have imagined.Maybe if you keep yourself open to other options, life will surprise you positively.