Let's Be Spontaneous


Magda has been my close friend for years. She went to Chile for the student exchange programme. The Latin atmosphere suited her well and she stayed there for a little bit longer than expected. Out of the sudden, through some common friends, she met Piotrek. Let it be one of the milions examples for how small the world is i że czasem trzeba wyjechać bardzo daleko, żeby zobaczyć co miało się blisko. Widocznie niektórzy Polacy mają więcej ognia niż Chilijczycy 😛 Na ślubie i weselu Magdy i Piotrka bawiłem się jako gość, aparat biorąc do ręki tylko dla zabawy. To ciekawe doświadczenie. Whenever I saw some strong emotions, a sincere smile, a unique moment, my hand was automatically reaching for the camera. It's a bit like driving a car with automatic transmission while you've always been using a manual gearbox - a very strong impulse :D


That's why I wouldn't be myself if I had refused to have some fun meeting for their extra wedding outdoor photoshoot some time after their wedding. We found a couple of magical spots around Łódź, including a charming ruins of palace in Moszczenica. We approached the this photo session spontaneously, with no expectations and we just wanted to benefit from the coincidences that would come across. So as we saw the cute ponies grazing by the pond (those small horses initially scared Magda a bit), we knew we had to use it for the photos.And as it often turns out, the surprise and conicidence brings the best pictures - those became my most favorite shots from this wedding session. :) There is so much spark between Magda and Piotrek that taking pictures of them is pure pleasure.It is not difficult to capture the beauty of their emotions when they are bursting with them. Magda and Piotrek are a bit like black and white, they differ in many aspects, they have strong opposite opinions in many fields, and still - in some magical, unexplained way it is not a reason for arguing and misunderstandings, but for complementation and balance.


I remember that day for two main reasons - for the exceptional wedding photoshoot we have made and also because that day I learned that they are expecting a baby. Magda laughed that it was the last moment for her to squeeze into her wedding dress :) Recently, their son Julek was born. I can only tell you that the boy seems to be growing for the real party animal ;) He is very joyful kid and has the same sparks in his eyes as his parents do.

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