Wedding With The Garden Concert


Basia and Janek decided to say their sacramental "yes" in the beautiful, oldest church in Lodz of St.Josef at Ogrodowa Street. This wooden, historical church was overshadowed by the neighboring Manufaktura some time ago and it is easy to forget about its existance. The wedding of Basia and Janek effectively made us all remember how magical this place was.


For their wedding reception, they chose the Nostalgia restaurant in Sokolniki, which is located off the beaten track, surrounded by beautiful forests, with a large garden. Such a garden at a wedding, especially in the summer season, often turns out to be an essential element of a successful party. When guests dance on the dance floor and need a refreshing moment, when they want to take a break from the noise, talk to a long-lost friend or go for a short walk with their wedding couple - such garden can be a godsend. The beautifully lit pond and garden alleys were crowded with wedding guests and the bride and groom circling between them. Such garden in the nearbies of the weddding reception is also an interesting variation in wedding photos.


Speaking of gardens... Basia is a beautiful woman and likes to be surrounded by beauty - that's why, some time ago, she founded her own floristic company: Botamika. She makes really amazing flower creations and at her own wedding she took care of beautiful, floral accessories. There is also a stage in the Nostalgia restaurant, which may not be the most popular attraction at weddings, but it was especially useful for this particular one. Not only Basia did her best. Janek prepared a special surprise during their wedding night. At one point, the groom invited everyone to a very special concert where he sang a few well-chosen songs for Basia. The guests had a great time, and Basia did not hide her emotions. I think the covers of the songs he sang had a lot of importance in their love story and were linked to many memories. Janek is a guy who keeps his feet on the ground and runs his company with a strong hand, yet he hides a romantic soul and is not afraid of great gestures. I hope that I will not reveal too much if I say that he had chased Basia all over the ocean just to propose to her;)


This is a unique couple full of inexhaustible energy and creative ideas. They've kept surprising each other throughout the wedding with toasts and on the dance floor. Besides, I know that they also keep surprising each other every single day of their life. ;) Now there is another person in their family who does spare them from surprises - their son, Stefan. No one is surprised that they currently live in a charming suburban cottage house with a large garden full of flowers. For their family, it's a must.

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