Yes, that's correct. This couple took their marriage vow twice in a short time. Life still surprises us and everyone learns at some point of the life that the best plan is to be ready to change plans - this was also what Michalina and Norbert were forced to do.


When they found out that they would not be able to celebrate their wedding reception together with their family and friends, they decided to still get married as planned but to postpone the wedding party for the next possible date. And they did not worry about it! They are a couple of positively crazy, young and energetic people.She is a little bit a cat freak, he loves to take part in historical reconstructions. In my opinion, they are, above all, united by their cheerfulness. I even caught myself grinning at the camera while browsing their wedding photos. And the wedding party hasn't even started!


Let me squeeze here in a piece of advice: I don't have any statistics or charts to prove it, but if you are ready to trust my gut, the engagement sessions (even the mini ones) open up the bride and groom to their wedding photographer and towards the camera (you can read more about it on my blog). Many people may feel anxious or stressed about their wedding photos. No need! And often the best way to find out about it is even a short session where all these fears are named, expressed and confronted with reality. And with the wedding photographer! Hence my advice - do not be afraid of engagement sessions, do not give up on them.Apart from the fact that they are a brilliant souvenir and amazing fun, you can take off a lot of irrational stress during the preparations for the wedding.


And back to Michalina and Norbert: I think maybe they were so happy and radiant throughout the whole "first" wedding, because everything actually went according to their original plan. After all, what was their original plan? To say "yes" to each other and to start together the next stage of their journey. So yes, their most important plan came true without any delay :)


You can see and read what was the next step in the next post.They smile even wider there - if it's possible. Go ahead and watch it out ;)

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