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Greek Catholic wedding of Kasia and Piotrek

The Miracle On The Vistula

Piotrek has told me that Kasia and him had met in a Warsaw pub nearby the river, called "Miracle of the Vistula". He's been laughing that it's so happened that they got married on August 15th - the historical anniversary of that memorable Battle of Warsaw. It seems that the miracles on the Vistula River can amaze us via various forms. All the couples I meet are unique in their own way, they have something that distinguishes them from others. When it comes to Kasia and Piotrek, I would say that this particular feature in their relationship is understanding each other without words, almost close to telepathy. They seem to emanate an air of serenity and calmness that relaxes everyone around them - including me. Even though they are restrained in words and gestures, one feels incredibly strong bond and energy between them.


Thanks to Kasia and Piotrek, for the first time I had the opportunity to participate in a beautiful wedding ceremony in a Greek Catholic church. I have to admit that it's made a big impression on me. Weddings in the Greek Catholic rite are a surprising combination of sublimity and modesty. As a person rooted in the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church, I probably have the same feelings as everyone attending this spiritual event for the first time - it's magic! The real engagement takes place between the couple just before entering the temple, and the very moment of the wedding is accompanied by the crowning of the brides as husband and wife. Now add to all this the beautiful musical setting and an atmosphere of deep self-communion - believe me, it was simply impossible to take your eyes off from them.


Kasia and Piotrek decided to celebrate their wedding day in the intimacy with only their closest family and friends, before this became an imposed trend. In their case, it was a conscious decision and a desire to enjoy this day in calm with their loved ones. As a wedding photographer, I really like this form of wedding receptions. The guests are laid back and relaxed, and the newlyweds find it easier to talk to each of the invited guests. Dinner was held at the charming restaurant St. Antonio's in the Saski Garden. We've even managed to find a moment for a short walk around the area. In this beautiful place and with such pleasant atmosphere of the summer afternoon, no one was forcing themselves to smile during the group photos. The joyful effect like this on the wedding photos cannot be acted or pretended.

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