Engaged Couple In Łódź


We've met with Milena and Dominik for a pre-wedding warm-up in front of the camera: the engagement photo session. Despite the end of summer, the weather was exceptionally favorable to us and the fiancés were in tremednously good moods. The engagement session is always a perfect opportunity for the wedding photographer to meet the future bride and groom in less formal circumstances. Casual outfits, impish frame of minds and a lazy afternoon have all together helped me to capture the atmosphere of carefree and deep friendship. The cheerful bride-to be has quickly stopped being abashed and the witty fiance did not have to be encouraged long to find his inner child.


I'm born and raised in Łódź and, although I am drawn to travel and visit new places, I will always always be strongly attached to my family town.I am truly proud of the metamorphosis that has taken place in Łódż within a few last years. Probably for some skeptics those changes are not quite enough, but I think there are places that can contradict it. One of the examples is Księży Młyn - the place we chose together with Milena and Dominik for their pre-wedding session.Long ago Księży Młyn used to be the mill settlement, later during the golden industrial age of Łódź the place was intensively exploited by the family powers of industry: Scheiblers and Herbsts. Recently, the entire complex has undergone a major reconstruction and now the place encourages each visitor to explore the narrow alleys, to take a walk around or just relax in park cafes and pubs. Łódź is changing!


Milena & Dominik had initially planned their wedding for November, but unfortunately the pandemic situation in the country and all over the world forced them to adjust. Their special day must've been slighlty delayed in time. For now - already have a small album of pre-wedding photos, which portray their joy and the easiness of being together.I am sooo looking forward to meet them again on the next steps of their wonderful adventure :)

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