Paulina and Tomek's pregnancy session

Every mother who's expecting a baby, especially her first one, has a different approach, different fears and ideas. And I'm not just talking about pregnancy photography. Paulina impressed me with her strong character from the very beginning.I think that a mother who keeps her feet firmly on the ground, has a lot of self-control and approaches life rationally, can be a real rock for her baby.


Paulina knew from the very beginning what she wanted and what her pregnancy session should look like. The plan was simple - two locations: one showing the architecture of Łódź, especially the Art Nouveau one with which Paulina was closely bounded with professionally, and the other - an architekturę Łodzi, zwłaszcza tę secesyjną, z którą Paulina do niedawna była związana i idyllic, summer outdoor shoot with grain fields in the background. Paulina prepared her stylizations, which we consulted earlier and she did not even mind changing them quickly between photos.The plan was tight and we had to act quickly to squeeze in all the planned spots for our pregnancy photograph session. Finding a grain field in the center of Łódź turned out to be quite a challenge, but as you can see - there is nothing impossible if you really try to and so, just a few minutes from the city center's nooks and crannies, we came across a charming rye field.


And of course, let's not forget about Tomek! I like couples who decide to have a joint pregnancy session. Pregnancy photos usually clearly seem to be intended only for mothers, and future fathers do not want to attend their loved ones' pregnancy sessions - this is a mistake! The presence of Tomek efficiently relaxed Paulina, and finally we managed to photograph something more than a beautiful, radiant mother, we managed to create the first portrait of their growing familyand also show the relationship between them.

Anyway, just check it out!

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