Photoshoot At Royal Baths Park


The very next day after their wedding, Kasia and Piotrek met with me again at our outdoor wedding session. I always suggest the couples to act quickly and not to postpone their session. It is perfect if the newlyweds are able to find a moment to meet again immediately after the wedding. The emotions are still intense and burning hot, and those true emotions naturally appear in front of my lens in an unforced manner.


In this case, after earlier discussions, for the background of our wedding photoshoot we've chosen the Royal Baths Park in Warsaw (Łazienki Królewskie). This 17th century park-and-palace complex has an undoubted charm and perfectly combines elements of architecture with nature. This unique park surprises me with its atmosphere every time with the same strength. Everyone will find there the special spot for themselves - the atmosphere of a secret garden or palace elegance - alligned to your taste. For me? I especially like the colors that historical stone buildings bring into the wedding photos, especially with the right light.


For Kasia and Piotrek it was the first outdoor photo session of such kind, but we have very quickly managed to find the ease we always fight for. Despite the interest of the passers-by and a large number of spectators, the newlyweds were so focused on each other that nothing would be able to throw them off their stride. Despite the exhaustion and many intense experiences of the previous day, a cheerful smile did not leave their faces even when I put the camera aside. It was almost sweltering afternoon and the groom's thick suit did not make it easy for him. However, Piotrek has bravely kept Bond's charm in all the photos. Kasia's wedding bouquet had suffered a lot of damage the night before, so she created her own floral accessories for this photo session. It made the bouquet even more individual and perfectly suited, even though she jokingly called it "tied at the knee" as she'd created it in a hurry. You have the chance to judge for yourself!

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