Sunny Seaside Photoshoot


Their original honeymoon itinerary, for obvious reasons, had to be slightly modified. Wiktoria and Kuba spent two weeks full of relax on the Polish side of the Baltic Sea. We have decided for the outdoor wedding photoshoot on the dunes in Łeba. When we met outside their hotel, Kuba has barely made it to my car :D He had gone overboard with sunbathing and has burnt his feet. Each step on the sandy beach was a pure ache for him. Wiktoria, as always full of humor, did not spare her husband from the jibes and zingers.


We met in a small resort town Dźwirzyno and, before traveling towards the dunes in Łeba, we decided to take a look at the local beach for a while and see what it has to offer. And as is often happens, it quickly turned out that the beach, dunes and lovely coast had everything we could wish for and there was no need to go any further. Besides, in outdoor sessions it is really not so much about the location. Sure - there are places that are more breathtaking and more spectacular, but in the end najważniejsze są emocje między nowożeńcami, ich swoboda, spontaniczność i otworzenie się przed wścibskim obiektywem. he coast was exceptionally calm that day and was filled with pleasant warmth. Kuba and Wiktoria forgot about their embarrassment a long time ago, they were open and willing to accept all ideas. Moreover, they themselves cannot be accused of lack of ideas. Their laughter is contagious. They have known each other for years and have built their marriage on a deep friendship as school sweethearts - you can feel it in their mutual freedom.


I had everything on the plate: great couple, pleasant weather, amazing location - it was a perfect mixture. :) This is not a kind of couple that can stay in one place for a long time. At some point, Wiktoria really wanted to throw off her wedding dress, which (sorry Wiktoria, but I will reveal your secret :D) ​​has slightly torn up while dancing at their wedding - you can imagine if the party was successful. We took a break with a tasty lunch, and we went back to the beach for a romantic sunset. Totally in their style - naturally and without being forced to anything, not even to the wedding costumes. This part of the photoshoot will stay only in the private collection of this couple ;)

It was a great day - exceptional people with whom you want to spend time, in a beautiful place and without any artificial modesty - the photos that were taken that day do express it all :)

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