Rainy Day On Silesia Province


So far, I have not had the opportunity to meet many Silesians. I have always heard that they are easygoing, direct and cheerful people full of vigor. Also we must remember - Silesian cuisine is considered a national treasure :) I'm so glad that Wiktoria and Kuba had chosen me for their wedding photographer, because I finally had the chance to find out myself that it was all true!


Starting with the time of pre-wedding preparations every moment of their wedding day seemed to be exceptionally joyful. Both, in groom's and bride's house nobody spared jokes and friendly teasing, but as noone there lacked distance and a sense of humor - the pure laugh was the only reaction. During the parental blessing of the brides-to-be, no one was ashamed of their emotions and did not try to hide the movement. All the fiancés dream of beautiful, sunny weather on their wedding day. Wiktoria and Kuba have not managed to book the perfect weather. They rushed to the car hiding under an umbrella. Nevertheless, wide smiles did not leave their faces. I think they wouldn't trade this rainy afternoon for anything else.


Wiktoria is a dynamic, temperamental girl and I think she's hard to tame. At the wedding, she surprised everyone by putting on boxing gloves and duffing him up - he will remind the lesson next time he will want to disagree with her ;) Fortunately, Kuba is very cheerful, cool-headed and full of support. They are the perfect energetic balance. They are like a mixture of spicy and sweet.


At this wedding, there were the moments when I forgot I was there only as their wedding photographer. The Young Couple and all the wedding guests have created a warm and friendly atmosphere in which everyone could feel like a family member. Everyone was bursting with energy and the dance floor was almost never empty. When we met for the wedding outdoor photoshoot two weeks later, Kuba still remembered the muscles soreness after the wedding madness on the dance floor. It didn't surprise me at all, the photos from that day speak for themselves.

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