Little Michał Is Getting Baptised


For the parents of this special boy - Paulina and Kamil - baptism was particularly important and they did not want to delay it. Little Michał Józef was baptized a few days before he became two months old - indeed, very soon after our nice meeting at the newborn photoshoot ;) At our first meeting, Paulina admitted that she had booked a baptism date even before their son was born.

The ceremony of the long-awaited Baptism of little Michał took place in a beautiful neo-Gothic church in Pabianice: in the Parish of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Rosary. Michał did not cry out even for a slightest while - he is unusually cheerful and calm child,although in this charming suit he was dressed in, I should probably talk about a coolheaded gentleman :P


After his Christening, family and closest friends met for a small party in an atmospheric, suburban restaurant called "Tawerna" with a beautiful garden complex. The weather was spoiling us during that lazy, summer Sunday and the guests willingly rested on the sun loungers set by the pond. Michał focused the attention of all the guests and it was hard to take the eyes off him. There was literally a queue of people willing to hold him in arms just for a bit. Lucky him!

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